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10 Oct Workers’ Compensation and your Tax Return

Employees who get injured on the job may be entitled to and receive workers’ compensation benefits to cover medical expenses and a part of the lost wages. Read on if you are wondering how your workers’ compensation may affect your tax return. Work Comp Benefits and Taxes Work...

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07 Aug Answering Questions about Workers’ Comp

What is workers’ compensation? Workers’ or workman’s compensation is a benefit provided to those who fall sick or get injured in a workplace accident or while fulfilling the responsibilities of their job. The compensation is usually made in the form of wage-loss because and medical expenses...

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13 Jul Will Work Comp Cover Lost Overtime?

Overtime refers to the time you work, outside your normal scheduled hours, if those hours make your weekly work hours total to more than 40 hours of work done. Many employers pay hourly employees a higher rate for overtime than their normal wage. Arizona follows the FLSA...

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