27 Apr Can You Still Get Arizona Workers’ Compensation Benefits When You Are Required to Work from Home and Have an Accident?

Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Remote Workers Remote worker eligibility for workers’ compensation benefits operates the same as workers’ compensation eligibility for on-site workers in Arizona. The pandemic has taught employers that many positions can be worked from homes, such as accounting, marketing, sales, and other computer-based...

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12 Apr Working from Home and Workers’ Compensation

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the workplace environment. Most workers are now working remotely, from home. In fact, the trend may continue post-pandemic too, with employees working from home a few days a week. Workers’ Compensation for Remote or Work-from-Home Employees If employees are covered for working...

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29 Mar Arizona Restaurants and Bars Among Hardest Hit Industries during COVID-19: Workers’ Compensation Claims

Nationwide, restaurants and bars were among those first industries hardest hit when shut-down orders went into effect during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Yelp Q2 statistics report on the website, 26,160 restaurants closed their doors. Of these, 15,770 (60 percent)...

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