17 Jul Over-Prescribing Drugs under the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Program

A recently-announced settlement between a nationwide mail-order prescription company and the State of Massachusetts shows that Injured Workers Pharmacy (IWP) will be paying $11 million to the state for violating state consumer protection laws. IWP, which is incorporated in Massachusetts, conducts its main business in Andover,...

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13 Jul Will Work Comp Cover Lost Overtime?

Overtime refers to the time you work, outside your normal scheduled hours, if those hours make your weekly work hours total to more than 40 hours of work done. Many employers pay hourly employees a higher rate for overtime than their normal wage. Arizona follows the FLSA...

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16 Jun Social Security Disability and Workers’ Compensation for Older Workers: When Does One Benefit Override or Supplement the Other?

Introduction A recent case out of Tennessee highlighted several issues concerning the physical deterioration of a body part over time, that of hearing loss due to extreme shop noise. In the case of Kevin W. Taylor versus G.UB.MK Constructors in Knoxville, Tennessee, Taylor had sued for hearing loss...

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