worker safety

28 Sep A Big Pharmaceutical Company Loses State-Initiated Case in Court Big Pharmaceuticals Held to Account

An Oklahoma judge decided in a recent case that a large pharmaceutical company, Johnson & Johnson, should take responsibility for causing a mass patient opioid addiction, based on misleading promotions and marketing practices by the company. Opioid addiction which has, in some cases, led to...

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26 Aug How it Affects You When You are Injured in an Offsite Accident When an Accident Occurs Offsite in Arizona

Arizona’s Liability Law: A.R.S. Title 23. Labor § 23-1023 Not all jobs take place on the employer’s worksite. Some businesses require that employees go to another site to do their work, such as window washers, or a construction site of another employer. Some situations require that...

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20 Jul Interesting Nationwide Trends in Retail Workers’ Compensation Claims from a Report by AmTrust Financial

We tend to think that construction sites and manufacturing plants have a propensity for accidents with heavy machinery, falling off scaffolds, or driving 18-wheelers down the highway. Yes, those accidents are there, but so are ones recorded for the retail industry. The most common claims come...

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