Do I Qualify for Workers’ Comp?

14 Sep Do I Qualify for Workers’ Comp?

To qualify for worker’s compensation, there are three basic requirements.

Employer should have Workers’ Comp Insurance

Your employer must be required to have workers’ comp insurance and have it too. The number of employees, the type of business and the type of work performed by the employees can determine if a company is required to have a worker’s compensation policy.

You should be an Employee of the Company

To claim worker’s compensation, you should be an employee of a company, not outside contractors. There are special rules for domestic employees, agricultural workers and undocumented workers for worker’s compensation.

The Injury or Condition should be caused by Job Related Activity

To be eligible for workers’ compensation, the injury or illness should have been caused by work-related activity. Some accidents and injuries can be directly related to your job but others may be difficult. You should notify your employer and file your claim as soon as possible if you are injured. Consult a workers’ compensation attorney if you have any questions or doubts about your claim.

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