How to deal with the Employer for a Workers’ Comp Case

16 Jan How to deal with the Employer for a Workers’ Comp Case

Workers’ compensation cases put the interests of the injured worker and the employer at crossroads. This can make dealing with your employer critical as well as extremely stressful. But if you act professionally and follow the rules, you would get what you deserve.


Here are a few things you can do to ensure your workers’ compensation claim is NOT jeopardized.

Attend All Medical Appointments

You have to prove that your injuries negatively impact your work and everyday life. This makes it important to go to all medical appointments and follow your doctor’s recommendations as advised during your workers’ compensation case treatment.


Remember that this information goes back to your employer and the insurance carrier. In Arizona, you can change the doctor assigned by your employer after a one-time evaluation.

Show up for All Hearings and Depositions

If you get a notice of a hearing or deposition, you must attend it and show up on time. Your attorney can help you reschedule if you somehow cannot make it. It wouldn’t look good if you do not make it to the hearing.

Do you feel you’re not getting fair treatment?

If you feel your employer is being unfair to you after you file a workers’ compensation claim, make a record of it and seek a workers’ compensation attorney for guidance.


To learn more about Arizona workers’ compensation laws or to consult an experienced Phoenix workers compensation lawyer, call Arizona Injury Law Group at 602-346-9009. At Arizona Injury law Group, you deal directly with an attorney and not an assistant. They can even help you find the best doctors for your medical treatment.

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