Long-Term Disability Claims

06 May Long-Term Disability Claims

You may not even notice the deduction from your paycheck for long-term disability or LTD Insurance – until you need it. Work-related illness and injuries can keep you off work for weeks, months, even years. Your LTD insurance can provide you with a large part of your earnings, if you meet the required criteria.

File your Claim

To claim LTD, you have to provide claim forms, medical information, and information about your job. You also need a doctor to complete your claim forms. Your doctor can explain your restrictions and limitations, the treatment you are undergoing, and your prognosis to your insurance company. If your claim is denied, you can appeal the denial within 180 days. You may have only one chance to appeal and you may not get a “do-over” if you miss some relevant information. This is why it makes sense to have an experienced work comp attorney on your side.

Appeal the Claim

The LTD appeal could be the most important part of the process. If LTD benefits are provided through your employer, “ERISA” or Employee Retirement Income Security Act, will apply to your claim. When the appeal is over, the file is “closed”. In other words, you cannot provide additional medical evidence to support your claim. And if you sue over your benefits, the judge may determine that the insurer’s decision is reasonable.

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