Tory Brown

08 Jul Tory Brown

I have been a client of Briana Chua since 2014. She took on my case after
another local firm failed to put in the effort needed to win my case. My
worker’s comp case was not an easy one to present or win due to special
circumstances, but she put in an outstanding effort. I was injured on the
job and my employer did not carry the insurance required by law to cover my
injuries. My girlfriend and I had to struggle to come up with the money for
my surgery and rehab, not to mention I could not work. Briana was my last
hope to be compensated for my medical bills and injuries. She was able to
present an excellent case for me and the judge ruled in my favor. The case
took a long time. Briana always kept me informed of the progress and the
next steps to expect. I would recommend her and her experience to anyone
looking to have someone fight for them and get them the settlement they

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